We are considered one of the pioneer establishments in the field of industrial workshops maintenance ,car maintenance workshops , and equipment and machinery maintenance .We offer the best services,of which a maintenance team, highly experienced in the field of workshops equipment maintenance , work to put them into action .we have a staff specialized in contract management and supervision , they are qualified with intensive training courses in the area of maintenance team management.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer the best services, as we formulate monthly and annual periodic maintenance

contracts of which a maintenance team, highly experienced in the field of

workshops equipment maintenance

Non-stop, around-the- clock maintenance services

our client gets the guarantee of repairing damages in his private workshop, any time, and without the need of waiting for a technician, or suspending the work in the client's workshop.

provides the all the spare parts

we provides the client with all the spare parts needed for the maintenance and repairing of the equipment, what saves the client the effort of searching for these parts.

Best training on the equipment operation

our company will provide professional training for our customers regularly,we are on your side wherever you are

We care about your ideas

Greetings and welcome to the EAE services website page

This website is a way for you to know more about EAE, develop an understanding of our goals and objectives and learn how to better access our services. This site will be continuously updated and improved just as we intend to continually seek better ways of delivering our services to our customers. We hope this website becomes a portal of information for you to refer to in times of need or when some reassurance is required. We are here to serve you

We cannot improve unless we receive your feedback on how we are doing. If you have any suggestions for us to better meet our mission or if we have failed to achieve a level of service, you expect, we hope you will share your thoughts with us. If we are doing well, we would like to know that, too! We are continually striving to improve and achieve our goal of being Thank you again for visiting us. We look forward to serving you a professional and sensitive manner.


qualified staffing
The client gets the guarantee that those who perform the maintenance process are technical experts, highly skilled, competent and experience
Availability of all spare parts
Availability of the best price authentic spare parts of our product
Quality Assurance
The business had a quality assurance policy, so customers would not worry about buying a defective product that would cost them time and money.

a low price strategy
A type of pricing method where a business sets a comparatively low price in order to enhance the demand for its product among consumers, as well as its competitive position in the market. A low cost pricing strategy is an alternative marketing approach that a business can use as an alternative to differentiation and focus pricing strategies, and it tends to be most successful when the product is fairly generic and high volume production is possible. Also called a low price strategy.

Looking for maintenance service or parts for your equipment ?

Who We Are?


engineering agencies Saudi establishment specialized expertise and outstanding Taiwanese in the supply of workshop equipment.

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