• All the equipments are of high quality.
  • Professional one-station service is offered. You can get all you need through only one enquiry!
  • Mutual profit and cooperation spirit is believed to be the key to extend market.
  • Innovation keeps our company prosperous forever. That makes our products' quality much better day by day, also enlarges our products line.
  • Good sense of service is cultivated. We not only provide good service to customers' consultation and visitation, but also be responsible for the service after sales.
  • We not only provide the existing machines but also modify the equipments according to your own requirements.
  • Scientific customers’ managing pattern is developed, aiming at escaping our products from competition in the same market, thus protecting customers' profit in their market all the time.
  • Our pledge is fulfilled.
  • We always think from the perspective of partners and keep the value creation as the core of competitive power!


We are the source for your excellent equipment

Spary Booth

Spray booth is used to updating the painting environment and make the painting work excellent also protect the paint works' health.It reduce the pollution ptoduced during painting.It is widly used in car's painting industry,furniture painting industry and all other surface painting industry.

Screw Compressor

Advantages of our compressor technologynew profile - ultimate efficiency with reduced noise, long life cycle due to increased bearing dimensions and wear-free profile,Wide operating pressure range from 5 to 15 bar ,High quality manufacturing and assembling,Quality assurance - bench test of every air end and compressor, Easy application selection with our new design,Highest flexibility for end user

Recent Products

a hydraulic machine by which automobiles are hoisted above the floor to give access to the underparts
Spray booth is used to updating the painting environment and make the painting work excellent also protect the paint works' health.
Our products are strictly designed in accordance with international IEC and National GB Standards. Our products are also used and recommended by the 4S body shops of 23 well known automobile manufacturers including Volkswagen and Mazda.
we sells a wide range of passenger car and truck service equipment including Computer-based wheel alignment systems, Wheel balancers, Brake lathes, Tire changers


Workshop Designing & Developing

Our workshop designs are tailored to your needs. They allow you to raise your efficiency in all aspects of automotive servicing.

Workshop Equipments supplying

EAE Equipment has over 15 years experience in understanding not only workshop equipment but what makes automotive workshops more efficient, you have the peace of mind that EAE will deliver your Equipment with care.

Workshop Equipment's Installing

We design and install workshops that are Economical, Efficient & Environmentally friendly,Please call +996536001685 to speak to our highly trained technical team

Workshop Equipment's Maintenance

An efficiently run workshop ensures you the best return for your investment from design of your workshop through to installation, With operations across ( KSA) you can be rest assured that our installation teams will install and service your workshop equipment.


شركة دوف العالمية

شركة دوف العالمية

شركة دوف العالمية لصيانة السيارات هي من احدث الشركات الواعدة في مجال صيانة السيارات والتى تشرفنا بتجهيز مركز الصيانة الاول Read More
تويوتا ميجا مكة

تويوتا ميجا مكة

مع التطوير المستمر في شركة عبد اللطيف جميل (تويوتا السعودية ) من حيث انشاء وتطوير مراكز الصيانة لديها واعتمادا على التوكيلات Read More
تويوتا ميجا النسيم الرياض

تويوتا ميجا النسيم الرياض

مع التطوير المستمر في شركة عبد اللطيف جميل (تويوتا السعودية ) من حيث انشاء وتطوير مراكز الصيانة لديها واعتمادا على التوكيلات Read More
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Experience, quality and good price allowed Engineering Agencies to earn the confidence of all customers within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the selection of well-trained technical personnel in the field of workshop equipment’s technology to excel in the maintenance , technical support and after-sales services so that Engineering Agencies customers can rely on - to meet their needs - in order to achieve our first goal leadership in the workshop and equipment’s field and to be the first partner of success to our clients Engineering Agencies seeks to have a more spreading steps in the field of research and development of workshop equipment’s, Engineering Agencies is your gate to supplying establishment or workshop with the best machines no matter big or small.

With an open mind and sincere heart,here we would like to invite all the friends who are interested in this line of business to be our truly agent.EAE is an famous Co. in Ksa market .With big expansion in scales,we need to find some effecient channels to help up with marketing and now really hope to find some good agent to be with us.And we will provide the most conditions to start with to help the agent in the market,And we believe we will have a win-win result finally.
In the modern industrialized world, construction of workshop usually involves the translation of designs into reality. A formal design team may be assembled to plan the physical proceedings, and to integrate those proceedings with the other parts.
The design usually consists of drawings and specifications, usually prepared by a design team including civil engineers, cost engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, planning consultants, architectural consultants.

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